Just what is a

Midwest Photo Safari?

      A Midwest Photo Safari is a one-on-one, hands-on, photo workshop or "PhotoWalk" session. Our safaris are aimed at beginning up to advanced amateur digital photographers who want to improve their photography skills and take professional looking pictures, or just walk and learn the history of the area.

      During our walks, your guides share interesting facts and history of the areas we are walking. The main goal of the safari is to help photographers "visualize" and compose good photographs. The areas we tour are filled with great photo opportunities, which your photographer / guide will point out as we walk.

       Any digital camera will be welcome on our safaris, be it a pinhole, cell phone, point and shoot, up to an advanced digital SLR. All cameras take excellent pictures with the right visualization, settings, and composition.

Browse our web site for a look at our safari offerings. A fun learning experience is in store for you !