Midwest Photo Safari (MPS) Terms and Conditions

We recommend you study up on any special features your digital camera may have. Your guide is familiar with many brands of digital cameras but they cannot possibly know the specific features and options of every camera model. We recommend you bring your manual along for field reference.

Our photo safaris are WALKING tours only. Be advised that we will be walking as many as 5 miles on some tours throughout the day. Bear in mind that over the period of the safari, there will be ample breaks while we photograph and discuss. It is the safari participant’s responsibility to assess the appropriateness of the safari activities with regard to their own physical abilities, health and condition. Midwest Photo Safari cannot accommodate individuals with health problems or disabilities. All safari participants, by registering and paying fees guarantee that they do not have any physical, mental or other condition that would endanger themselves or another safari participant. Sorry, we cannot be responsible for participants who, after beginning a tour, find that they cannot take part in safari activities. If we determine that a participant cannot complete the safari, we may ask that they withdraw from the safari at any time without refund.

MPS has the right to make changes, deletions or substitutions to our scheduled tours as conditions dictate (such as changes in weather, permit availability, special events in tour areas, etc.). Participants do not have a right to refund based on changes. In the event of inclement weather, we have developed alternate areas on certain tours  that are sheltered.

MPS reserves the right to cancel any tour due to unsafe weather conditions. A rain check will be issued on all weather-related cancellations We will not issue refunds on any weather related cancellation. Please note we seldom stop a safari because of weather, most safaris go on rain or shine with possible itinerary changes to accommodate current conditions. MPS has a No Refund Policy. Any cancellation by attendee, for any reason will be issued credit on future tours only of equal or lesser value at the discretion of MPS. MPS reserves the right to cancel any tour due to low attendance. A rain check will be issued in the event of a low attendance cancellation. No refund may be made for withdrawal after the safari begins. MPS is not responsible for cancellation due to medical emergency, however exceptions can be made on an individual case by case basis.

Smoking or alcohol consumption will not be permitted at any time during the safari.

Our photo safaris, like most things in life worth doing, can involve some risk. Risks include, but are not limited to forces of nature, cancellation, strikes, civil disturbance, changes in itinerary, negligent action, mechanical failures, accidents and health risks. Medical services or facilities including emergency health care, or medication may not be available during some of our safaris. The safari participant assumes all associated risk inherent in the tour as indicated and is personally responsible for the consequences.

MIDWEST PHOTO SAFARI’S RESPONSIBILITY                                                                    MPS makes every attempt to provide our participants with a safe and memorable experience. MPS, their employees, subcontractors and suppliers act only as agents for the participant regarding travel including but not limited to, photography, sightseeing, meals, transportation, instruction, lodging and all other services. MPS cannot be responsible for injury, theft, loss, accident or delay which may occur by defect or default or any other cause through the acts of any company or individual conveying the participant or carrying out any aspect of the photo safari. MPS cannot accept responsibility for losses or expenses due to, but not limited to, weather, strike, war, civil disturbance, terrorism or quarantine. All such losses or expenses are the responsibility of the participant. MPS reserves the right to cancel any safari prior to commencement, in which case a rain check will be granted. MPS is not responsible for any other participant preparation expense including non-refundable airline tickets, credit card fees or other cancellation related charges.