About Midwest Photo Safari

 Your MPS directors are Don and Rebecca Bouchier.

       Don is a freelance photographer with 40 plus years of film, video, and digital photography experience. He has worked as a professional videographer / photographer in the entertainment field in Minneapolis. In addition to directing photo safaris, he currently shoots stock imagery of all kinds, specializing in landscape, architectural, and travel related photography, all in the digital realm.
       Don markets his images independently thru his stock photo business's US Scenes,  and Minnesota Scenes. Don has published images on the covers of Civic organization resource brochures. Don also experiments in wide angle digital "panoramic" photography. Visit Don's Web Site
www.usscenes.com to get a look at some of his work.

       Rebecca has 30+ years experience in the tour and travel business, and has designed and conducted many guided tours in places like New York City, Hawaii, and Washington DC. Rebecca also has extensive photography background and has trained many tour participants in the art of good vacation and travel photography.