Welcome to Midwest Photo Safari

We  currently operate 7 digital photography training photo "safaris" in the greater Minneapolis, St Paul area. We also conduct "special" 1 or 2 day safaris in the upper Midwest. Our standard walking tours run from 90 minutes to 3 hours, some with both morning and afternoon sessions. All of our photo safaris are aimed at novice up to and including advanced amateur photographers with all types of cameras who simply want to take better pictures or learn history of our area.

Midwest Photo Safari Images 

Our safaris take you to some of the best picture taking spots in the Twin Cities and  upper Midwest area. While we walk and photograph we give you some brief history of the area, to allow you to visualize creative "stories" within your images. We also cover the basics of composition and lighting, as well as some of the more advanced settings of your digital camera. You will learn to break away from the "auto" settings on your expensive SLR and unleash the creative potential of your equipment and most importantly, yourself. If you use a point and shoot digital, our safaris will teach you composition skills that will give you post card quality pictures of every place you visit.

Our tours are seasonal. The Minneapolis and St Paul outdoor walks operate April  through mid October. Our Mall of America and  Light Rail tours run Late December  through Late March. Special and "mystery" safaris run year round.